Saturday, September 17, 2016

Here's my day, and now I'm done.

The Elder enjoys some me time on my computer during those 3.75 minutes a day when I'm not otherwise using it.  She's taken to periodically writing letters to Daddy on those afternoons when she just can't wait until he gets home and I'm puttzing around the kitchen doing normal the daily diswasher-sink-stove-fridge dance.  I showed her where to find the "delete" and "enter" keys and let her have at it.  This week, she came up with this:

At schooh I went to Libery.
And I got two books and the books where wizards don’t need computers.
And gremlins don’t chew bubble gum. And I got a boxcar children book from Miss.gaier.
I brought whiskers to recess . And I chased Conner.
I sat by

Daddy obviously walked in the door because I'M ALL DONE NOW.  She's obviously like a chicken pecking at the keyboard, so it takes her a while and her spelling gets a bit funky, but she spelled her teacher's name right, which is something that I will struggle with on occasion.

It's delightful getting a glimpse of those important moments of her days, even though we are still in that honeymoon stage of our relationship whereupon her mouth does not stop talking when she is with us.  (Once in a while, a grandparent or a teacher will confide in me with that deer-in-a-headlights look that the Younger did not stop talking and I couldn't believe it and She's usually so quiet.  I feel compelled to pat them gently on the shoulder and say I KNOW.  You know that our children are comfortable with you when they talk with you; and once you're in with're in.) 

There's some amount of panache that a 7-year old has with her words.  It's not that what she says is all that special or unique, but I dig her moxy.

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