Thursday, September 29, 2016

A list of doodles

As does happen to me with some frequency, I had a purposeful, lighthearted, good natured, not so whiney post all put together in me noggin' when I went and forgot it in the 2 weeks since I've last posted.  So I put together a list of mental doodles that will perhaps touch on some of the whimsy and caprice that I (theoretically) had planned.

1.  The Younger has some hilarious 4-year old moments.  A week or so ago, we were in the car, just the twosies of us, and we were singing our conversation to each other as we sometimes do in lighthearted moments.  (It's also a surefire way to get my kids to listen to me when I need them to so long as I can keep my impatience in check.)  At one point, the Younger sang her response (about whatever) and then followed up with "This is how I sing Twinkle, Twinkle in Spanish...[gibberish]...this is how I sing it in cursive [more gibberish]."  She is a linguist and a scholar.
2.  I am, again, working my way through The Office again because sometimes you need inane humor to counterbalance the run-ons and the fragments in your life.
3.  I just finished a fantastically, purposefully, challenging book, Grit: The power of passion and perseverance by Angela Duckworth.  Do jump on my bandwagon.  I absolutely want to either a) figure out how to get the library to let me have it longer or b) buy it.  I love her point about having a house rule that everyone has to do something hard.  Sign me up.
4.  We're $60 into fresh apples, and it's phenomenal.  So many lovely apples.  Why can't apple season come around twice a year?
5.  I just now realized that I'm out of books to read.
6.  A friend said "Fall weather is my jam" today.  I agree.  Especially if fall weather is my winter weather.  Someone get me out of the tundra.
7.  We are a muffin family.  I made my usual double batch of pumpkin muffins with mini chocolate chips about a week ago, and I already had to make another batch yesterday.
8.  I often ask my kids to help me out (sometimes just to divert attention from an escalating situation) about what they want to eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner.  The Elder always (always, without fail, always) yells with stupendous enthusiasm "Macaroni and cheese!"  That kid is my jam.
9.  I love podcasts.  I can listen to about 1 1/2 on a good Tuesday/Thursday driving session.  (I also came up with a female-to-female cord jack line device - I'm told this is a thing...maybe not in so many words - from the boy's car, which enables me to put my podcast ears on.)
10.  I tried to make it to #10, but "The Cover-Up" is distracting me, and I'm about ready to peace-out-home-skillets 'cause it's late.

Word out. 

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Crystal said...

Have you listened to the podcast "Longest Shortest Time"? It's my new favorite. I've binge listened to about 40 episodes in the last month or so. It's about parenting. A good current events podcast is 'Call Your Girlfriend". Also, do you know "A Way with Words"? It's from Indianapolis NPR station. You might find it repetitive since it's already your speciality, but perhaps it could be helpful in a class, maybe?