Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Social Capital

I had a "I must blog this" moment tonight during class. We're discussing a Marxist theorist about different forms of, economic, cultural mainly. The discussion started as well with my professor contemplating why he never talked with acquaintances/friends from previous places where he lived & worked. Ultimately, he came to the conclusion that he no longer talks to these people because he doesn't need them. They don't enhance his social capital (like currency). Methinks I have an excuse for not keeping in touch with people? It's a bit harsh...but I guess it is what it is. Fair is fair; lots of people don't keep in touch with me either! :-)

Confucius say: "Have no friends not equal to yourself."

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sarahesperanza said...

so now, people don't keep in touch with you? hmmm... don't come visit me in Fairbanks Alaska then. ;)