Saturday, June 28, 2008

Scratch that one off of the list

I have a sort of list that I wrote one night when I was trying to calm my mind or something before I went to bed. Sometimes I have to do that. On this list are about 30 things that I want to do someday. It feels good to scratch things off of lists, you know?

Thanks to Ben, I can will be able to scratch one item off...we're going to see a Colts game in August. Granted, it's a pre-season game. But still. Seriously. Who cares? It's going to be in the Luke (hehe), and the tickets were free! For once Ben was lucky and won a drawing. I guess ninety-eight times a charm, eh?

"A pound of pluck is worth a ton of luck." James A. Garfield

1 comment:

sarahesperanza said...

I love such lists- yay for you!

Hey- are you going to be around on July 5th? Wanna coffeeshop with me?

Let me know... (e-mail me- my computer crashed and I lost all my e-mail addresses :( ).