Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a blog of randomness...try to keep up

I think that it will be fun to write a stream of consciousness-esque, word association blog. Here's my go at it.

I have coffee breath from just drinking coffee. I now drink coffee basically every day, but only a couple of very specific ways--never black, never with milk, never with straight up white sugar, never the way that my mom does so I don't drink it much when I'm at her house. This all adds up to my ever nauseating compulsions. Frighteningly, this reminds me of my dad.

I also want to comment on Disney, Strawberry Shortcake and princess shtuff that just permeates every imaginable product in every store everywhere. I just picked up the Strawberry Shortcake blanket that Abby had been rolling around on today. It came from my niece/sister-in-law, both of whom are mega huge Strawberry Shortcake fans. It's okay to have an item or two sprinkled around haphazardly, but I forsee this as being a great challenge in my immediate future to clothe and toy my child without falling too much under the spell of Disney and all things popular. It's just not me. That being said, I saw the cuuuutest little 11-month old Minny Mouse this morning.

The World Series is on right now. a) What else is on? b) I love baseball. c) Even I, who adores all things except the Yankees and usually the Mets baseball, am tired of the baseball season being dragged out. It shouldn't take over a month to complete the playoffs. Seriously. Down with the Yankees, too.

Ben is reading a Scientific American that is all about the origin of things and is thus also telling me about these fun little facts--bones, chocolate, the uterus, and my favorite one so far--vibrators. After you get that mental picture out of your head, hear me out. The origin of the vibrator was as a medical device to cure hysteria because the "by hand" method was time consuming and tiring for doctors. No kidding. And, hysteria, in case you weren't aware already, is from the Greek word, "hyster," which basically means the female organs. And, hysteria was long thought until the 1950s even (which I didn't know it was THAT long until Ben read the article to me) to be a purely feminine disorder dealing with a malfunction of a female's reproductive organs. Dumb men who call themselves scientists.

I don't know why but I looked at that last sentence that I just typed and thought, "Shakespeare." Don't know why and have nowhere to go with this.

Toby is sprawled across me right now. It's too bad we don't have video blogging. Even if you're not a cat person because they like to sleep on your face and cuddle in your unruly hair, even you would agree that she is cute. I'm just that good that I can type ad naseum while providing cushion and support for a sleeping feline. Or maybe she is that good...

I'm tired of typing journal responses for the class that I'm taking right now. But I'm done with presentations. But I still have a big old paper to write. But I'm almost done with my Masters. But, I still have three classes (technically). Shoot.

My back hurts. I have nothing left. I lost a bet with Ben and have to rub his head. Peace out.

(Sidenote...this style of writing really reminds me of all of my other blogs. I'm thinking specifically of two entries ago, "Mom-ness," when I never wrote about what I had intended to write about and still can't remember what that was supposed to be.)

Okay, one more thing. Random Abby update--15 lb. 8 oz. and seriously adorable when she was laughing and giggling during today's partaking of pureed squash and oatmeal. You wish you had one...and Abby, that is. Too bad she's mine and I'm not very good at sharing.

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