Friday, November 16, 2012

feeling cloth-y

We are cloth diaper believers!  Finally, after trial and error (and some were really boneheaded in hindsight), we are settled into a cloth diaper groove, and it is nice.  Just for kicks, we're also successfully practicing the cloth wipe revolution as well.  It took 2 kids, and 4 different brands of clothies, but I found some diapers that I adore (we used them for about a year and a half with Abby, went through a couple of brands, liked them and used them faithfully but were also never wholly satisfied with what we had).  Let's have a conversation about Flips.

*rarely leak--maybe once every couple of weeks
*cute as a button!
*the same super easy adjustment system that BumGenius employs
*not super bulky
*easy to wash
*easy to wipe out
*I'm a big fan of the cloth insert kind of diapers.
*not tight around legs or belly--and we have some chunky thighs to contend with

Who doesn't love a naked baby in a diaper doing tummy time?  So soft!  So dimply! 

We decided to go the cloth wipe route as well because my mother-in-law has this weird affinity for sewing.  I don't get it, but to each her own!  She voluntarily cut up soft, worn-out t-shirts, and sewed them into 6"x6" squares for us.  That combined with the pennies that it costs (if even that) per batch of soaking solution, and it's a serious bargain.  And since we're going cloth anyway, it's not extra laundry, and they're super duper easy to contend with.  And, they smell like a bath-fresh baby. 

For us, the answer is a snap--cloth diapers rock, and they are very little extra work.  I am a lucky mama to have a parenting partner all on board with this rationale!

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Mariah said...

Oooh, I love me some babies in squishy cloth. :) :) I seriously know so many other people who use cloth, too; it's awesome.