Thursday, November 29, 2012

Trying New Things

This is Audrey.  She's my little 5 1/2 month old.  She had a milestone of sorts this week--solid foods.  Yum, runny oat cereal.  

 The above smile didn't last long. 

Then, the smile came back because we were done.  I forgot the funny faces that little ones make when they find themselves in the strange position of having their parent shoving plastic spoonfuls of stuff in their mouth.

I've been resisting starting solid foods (which is something of a misnomer--these first foods are pretty runny, maybe we should call them spoon foods instead) for a few reasons: I think we started Abby on them too early and I'm pretty convinced that it changed the way she nursed after that; it's just another thing to do/clean up/think about; I'm not looking forward to the smelly diaper bombs that inevitably come with spoon foods.  

 And look at these cheeks--akin to smooth, raised bread dough.  Totally smoochable!

Someone else in the house is doing something new lately, too--this guy!  Ben is starting to dabble in coffee drinking!!  I know!  Who would ever have thought?!?  He's growing up so fast.  :-)


Crystal said...

Oh, Ben, I remember when you were still so innocent. I love the pic of your girls sitting on the couch. Yikes, she has such long legs! Maybe she's a runner in the making?

The Erudite Lit-ite said...

Um, yeah! She has a runner's build, and we're alright with that being her sport of choice (crossing fingers!). She's been to enough track meets and cross country meets by now as well to know all of the phrases and often directs us to cheer for her as she runs back and forth across the house: Keep it up! Use your arms! You can do it! Yay, Abby, push hard!

Mariah said...

Amy, you might enjoy reading Baby-led Weaning by Gil Rapley. We didn't end up doing BLW (I was still too chicken as a first-time mom, plus he didn't have any interest in food until he was 1), but it was a very convincing read and a different take on starting solids. Your girls are tres adorable! And coffee? Yuck, what is Ben thinking! I hate losing another non-coffee drinker to the dark side. :)