Monday, November 26, 2012

funnies & what-the-what's???


1.  Abby:  This is barbeque sauce and ketchup and Silly Putty mixed up. [deliberately stirring/sloshing a green ball of Silly Putty around in a cup from her kitchen set]
     Me: I have to eat that?
    Abby:  Sorry about that.  It's just the way it is.  You just have to deal.

Proof:  Abby is my daughter. 

2.  We avoided all meltdowns and anxieties at lunch today by employing the age-old parenting advice of operatic duets.  I refused to answer Abby whining about me surprising her with peas in her noodles (surprises are hard) unless she answered me in song.  And.  It.  Worked.  Like really--it worked.  I sang to her.  She (eventually) figured it out and sang her request back.  Giggle.

Proof:  There is more than one way to navigate a delicate situation.  And, humor almost always works.


1.  What is the evolutionary purpose of newborn babies having fingernails, let alone razor sharp fingernails?  Why can't they develop later, like at one year of age?  Teeth do.  Baby hugs are a double-edged sword (so to speak); we love them and Audrey gives them a lot.  But I also endure them because Audrey gives them a lot. 

2.'re on my I'm-irritated-at-you list.  C'mon.  You're not working for me today.  And you should be.  Quit it. 

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