Thursday, December 20, 2012

Color me mine

By far, my favorite stress reliever of late (like the past few months) has been to whip out the old coloring books and crayons and fill in some doodles, with or without a 39" assistant.  (By the way, Abby is only around 11" taller than Audrey right now but about twice as heavy at 32 lbs.  Aren't babies deliciously disproportionate?  Some day, I might write an entire blog entry on the super duper uber soft downy baby head that just snuggles into my neck, you know...speaking of delicious.) 

Abby is becoming more interested in coloring on her own, which is great--once in a while she just disappears over into her art corner and sings away while selecting the perfect waxy stick.  Talk about happy mommy time! 

And sometimes, like today, when my mind won't shut off and I find myself snappish and frustrated about silly, inconsequential things, then it's coloring book time.  We grab some containers of Crayolas (though Rose Art aren't bad, I think) and find some blank pages to scribble away on.  It's like vegging with a toddler, and it's good times. 

This morning, Abby was listening to her Amelia Bedelia book-on-tape, and we had some moments of cohesive quiet.  Even better, we work on sharing cause my little girl often thinks that any crayon anyone else is using is the EXACT ONE! that she needs, regardless if she has three other green crayons in her hoarded pile.

This morning--a western dog on a weird looking horse.  And it was pretty good, not my masterpiece, but, you know...pretty good.   

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