Monday, December 17, 2012

How to be a parent 101

I'm the youngest of 3 kids.  In other words, I didn't grow up around younger siblings.

The first grandchild in my family was born when I was a junior in college, and my sweetie little niece-y lived 4 hours away.  In other words, I didn't get to be around young babies much in my formative adult years.

My college boy was the oldest of 3 kids.  In other words, there weren't any babies that I could hang with while visiting with the future in-laws. 

Prior to daughter #1, I have had minimal exposure to those little alien beings known as babies

True story:  I once asked my older brother what my niece, who was 1-ish at the time, ate.  He laughed at me and said "She eats what we eat."  Duh, little ignorant sister.  Well, whatev big always-knows-more-than-me brother.  It's not like I knew anything about pretty much anything related to babies

And then came my own guinea pig, and my own trial-by-fire initiation began.  I quickly learned that the internet is my friend.  Books are my friend.  And other moms of young children are my best friends. 

I've learned about and received advice for breastfeeding, poop, solid foods, clothes, discipline, pre-school, cloth diapers, developmental milestones, and how ridiculously funny little munchkins can be. 

I once suggested that a friend of mine who just delivered her first join my weekly Mom's Meeting group, and her response completely befuddled me: Oh, I don't like comparing myself to others.  We do it all of the time, intentionally or otherwise.  And if we didn't, how would we know that there is a reason why your kid's poop is green?  (2 kids later...I know why.)  I guess it's not for everyone, but here's to women who stick together and don't judge, even when they are secretly thinking "What in the world is she thinking?!?!" 

This is a shout out to my mommy friends that I met as a new wet-behind-the-ears mom and have continued to get to know and learn along with over the least 3 1/2 years.  You've quickly become my peeps and partners in crime.  And here's to my ongoing continuing education course in Parenting 101 with 2 of the smallest, chubby-cheekiest professors ever. 

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Crystal said...

Love it. Yay for women's wisdom, there's nothing better.