Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's a wrap

Staying at home with the girls, I'm always looking for something new and interesting to do with them.  Right now, that's pretty easy to do because it seems like we have a lot to do with the holidays.  And wrapping presents has quickly become a very, very fun activity for a certain 3-year old.

Abby LOVES helping.  And Mommy puts up with Abby helping.  (By the way...I'm usually "Mama" as of the last few months, which I attribute to that squishy, blue cap wearing Mama Bear who almost always has a gentle voice and words of wisdom to bestow upon her cubs.) 

I'm not a huge fan of wrapping presents anyway as a hobby, and then when I have little hands wanting to touch, grab, re-arrange, tape, write on, and move everything, it means that I have short wrapping sessions.  I enjoy doing things with her, but sometimes, when I'm struggling to get something wrapped and it's taking longer because of taping miscues and torn paper and misplaced ribbon, I just want to finish!

I had several large sheets of craft paper that I gave Abby to decorate, so we've been working on using that to fancy-fy some gifts for her cousins and Ben.  And she's so excited about that and about getting to write the TO and FROM on each one that it pretty much erases my irritation.  (She really is writing most of her letters pretty legibly and makes a good effort at the others.  More on that at a later post.)   

The best part--she's pretty excellent to have around to tie knots in curling ribbon.  Her little finger works perfectly. 

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