Friday, December 7, 2012


Before I commence with the real blog post, I want to scold any of you who read my post about the Berenstain Bears Thanksgiving.  I knew that I was spelling that wrong when I wrote it, and I did it anyway.  And no one called me on it.  But then again, I didn't call me on it either, until now.  I'm spelling it correctly now.  Let's get on with it.

I HEART PANDORA, big time!  I heart how I can make multiple stations for whatever I'm feeling like or whoever is with me.  I heart how I can skip things and it clusters like music together.  I really heart my Keane radio station.  Because of Pandora, I'm now even more keen on Keane (haha...get it?), O.A.R., Carolina Liars, One Republic, and Snow Patrol.  I heart how I can stream it so effortlessly while working.

I first heard about Pandora while I was finishing my Masters degree, and that website got some mileage while writing my thesis.  Now, Audrey and I groove to my jams on many a night while the little bean is im-Moby-lized (man, another one...I'm hilarious) in the witching hour before bath & bed.  Abby digs her toddler station, too.  Many a day, if not most days, we are grooving to the tunes at some point. 

And that's all I have right now.  I heart Pandora. 


Jessica Dugdale said...

You should check out Spotify. It's the most beautiful thing in the world. Seriously.

Note: this is not a commercial.

The Erudite Lit-ite said...

I know that Spotify is much loved, but I can stream Pandora through the tv. And, I'm a creature of habit (ever see me flip that my desk was mis-aranged...word skills) who already understands Pandora.

TESOL Study said...

next post,, :)