Sunday, March 8, 2015

Another one of those transition days

Hey there sweet cheeks...'re looking all sugar-ly today!

Our youngest daughter has never had a wealth of hair but just enough.  She's fully 2 3/4 years old, and we're just now rocking some pigtails.  Genetics are strong with this one, too, and her hair is slippery as silk, so they're somewhat mobile piggies.  But she's excited about her new look and sits still like a champ every time.

And because today was the semi-annual Daylight Savings Time change, we figured go big or tuck your tails between your legs and hide in the closet.  So, we did this:

We changed the crib out for a I-can-get-out-whenever-I-darn-well-feel-like-it bed.  Earlier, she was looking like this...

...but right now it's sounding more like I have no intentions of doing anything like sleeping, suckers

And we're hedging a lot of the tot's ability to  identify the number "6" on the left of her digital clock in the morning middle of the night.  I'm telling you, it's all fun and games until the sun goes down around here. 

In other news, my favorite coffee is AWOL on back order, I'm getting my mint tea vibe on, I'm working my way through a handful of junk books, and I'm coming down off of a grading spree on the last dregs of my favorite coffee.  Fun and games 'till the sun goes down...

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