Monday, March 2, 2015

When Q and U join hearts and hands

It's been a few days since I've found myself staring at this blank screen.  Kids got sick.  The boy decided he should jump on that train.  There was some bad news on my side of the family.  It snowed bucketfuls on March-c'mon now-1st.  There's always more that cages my blogging mojo, but most of it falls under the tedium of domesticity.  And really now, who wants to hear about the never ending saga of our dishwashers?  Fortunately, my personal live-in dishwasher boy (which doesn't sound nearly as sassy as "pool boy") hasn't broken down yet.

But I'm here today to report on a "joyous" event that I was "fortunate" to take part in: Q and U got married.  Oh yes, they did.  According to the "letter of the law," that's legal in this state. 

Apparently, Kindergarten is all about shenanigans, including putting on a "quaint" (get it...get it?) little Q-U wedding.  Oh, to be a wedding planner for this shindig.
*The boys were the "quarterbacks" and the girls were the "queens."
*There was a ringbearer and a flower girl, a best man and a bridesmaid, and two ushers.
*There was wedding music.
*There were programs.
*Invitations were sent out--handwritten, nonetheless.
*Family was invited to witness the proceedings.
*There were honest-to-goodness, I-can't-believe-they-did-this wedding decorations.
*The principal officiated.
*The bride & the groom recited VOWS.  (Sidenote: They were both really into their parts, talking into the microphone and saying their lines.)
*The entire Kindergarten sang some schmaltzy song about "from this day on" and "together forever" and "joined as one" about Q & U.  (Sidenote again: They haven't played Scrabble with me.  I'll throw a "qi" down on all of 'em.)
*There was a reception afterwards with cookies and lemonade.
*The bride and the groom walked out with Q-tips tossed at them like rice.

It was so bizarre.  And over the top.  And kinda cute.  And kinda weird.  I'm still processing, here!

It's too bad there was no dancing...that could have "quickly" become hilarious.  (Have you ever seen a Kindergartener dance?  Then get 50 of those little buggers together...HI-larious.)  And there was no word on any honeymoon plans.  I also didn't have to bring a gift and try to figure that out since there was no gift registry.  So that's a plus. 

But still, I wish that there had been dancing...

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