Friday, March 20, 2015

Perfect, perfect brownie edges

My job is one of spurts of frenetic grading interspersed with long lulls with nary an email to answer.  I'm in one of the valleys right now (note the slight uptick in posts lately), and this allows me to do things like make brownies (good) and read books about the New England Patriots (slogging at best, dreadful at worst). 

So let's talk about my brownies, first.  I've never done this before, but HEY, I'M HERE ALL BY MYSELF WITH A KID WHO GETS MAD AT ME WHEN I DON'T DO SOMETHING EXACTLY HER WAY EVEN THOUGH SHE NEVER TOLD ME WHAT SHE WANTS FIRST.  Sometimes, that's frustrating. 

Here's the thing; obviously, I've made brownies before.  (Oh, yes.  We're well acquainted, we are.)  But I've never massacred them as I'm bound and determined to do right this very afternoon. 

Edges first.  Only the edges.  And all of the corners.

Then I'll be all good and done and let the others take their nambsy-mambsy one-piece-at-a-time tactic.  I don't understand that self-control.

(Right now, I'm 50% into my attack.  It's truly something to enjoy and savor.)

(Frankly, I'm mostly excited about the freedom of mutilating a fresh pan of brownies.)

I'm also rather trying to avoid going back to the book that I have to read but don't want to admit I'm reading.  Hmm...perfect, warm brownie edges or reading about scum spawn. 

Hand me a fork!

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