Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Let's just take a moment to ponder this...

We snuggle a lot on the couch after school when it's just me with the girls.  We read a lot of books, go over the daily school work barrage, normal stuff all.  Yesterday, Squiddgle the Younger hopped off the couch after one of these squirm fests (otherwise known as "how long will Mommy sit here before she feels honest-to-goodness claustrophobia?") and was toodling around doing whatever on the rug in front of us. 

Me (talking to the Younger):  "Abby, you have 'green day' Thursday."
Abby:  "You mean Audrey."
Me:  "Yeah, whichever one she is."
Abby:  "You mean 'the spare'." 

Yes.  That is exactly what I do (not) mean.  "The Spare."  Where in the what did she get that one? 

If there's one thing Squiddgle the Elder is well aware of is her status as Elder-cum-Supreme-Ruler-of-All-Things-Kid.  The Spare will be a great encourager and leader by support.  She has little choice around here.

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