Monday, October 5, 2009

The first time ever

We've lived in our house since July 2006, so 38+ months now. We have never ever ever seen a squirrel at our house in that amount of time. How bizarre! Squirrels are as numerous as cows in Indiana. When is the last time you've ever thought to yourself after a drive pretty much anywhere in Indiana outside of a city, hmm...I didn't see a cow today. Probably never since they're everywhere. As are squirrels. Everywhere! My parents even have mean little black squirrels. I'm not really all that upset that I don't have squirrels because then I have more birds. I even have a hawk who comes by and visits once in a while.

We've had bunnies.We've had other little birds who tap on the glass and just hang out in our bushes.

But we've never had a squirrel until today. And then he stole the entire head of one of my sunflowers, which he's hiding behind the fence & eventually dropped. The bugger.

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The Erudite Lit-ite said...

by the way, these lovely shots were taken from my living room with my super duper awesome zoom lens that sarah convinced us we needed.