Thursday, October 15, 2009

Things I'm Into Right Now

Every Tuesday and Thursday when I drive back from Ball State, I ponder many a point. Lately, my ponderous thoughts have vacillated anywhere from my dream house to deciding who should be Abby's legal guardian in the circumstance that both Ben and I die. Funny how I always settle on the same things to think about; maybe it's like how I always listen to the same 3 cds, but that's really because I keep forgetting to bring different ones to the car. Here's what I am rather fixated on right now, just in case you wanted to know.

I am totally totally to-ta-lly into the Emerald's Nuts Cocoa Roasted Almonds. So delish. So easy to keep in the car for my lunch break/commute.

I really dig "Mr. Pitiful" by Matt Costa. Check him out if you haven't.

I have my dream house half way blueprinted in my mind. Gorgeous kitchen WITH an island. Separate dining room. Breakfast nook attached to aforementioned gorgeous kitchen (WITH an island). Three bedrooms. Extra room for Ben's office so that we can have a guest bedroom. Library with built in bookshelves spanning two walls. Sunroom. Greenhouse. Windows windows windows everywhere. Neighbors within shouting distance but far enough away that I can walk around the house with in my underwear and no one would notice. And, it wouldn't be in Kokomo.

Coldplay makes me happy. Dave Matthews Band makes me very happy. These cds seem to always be a part of the rotation that just languish in my car's cd player. A 6-cd player really really rocks. I'm not so much into changing cds all of the time and I listen to them most of the time, so it just makes sense.

Apples. We're almost out of our 1/2 bushel that I picked on September 25th. We've never gone through that many apples so quickly before though both of us just really enjoy them. Are they particularly good this year?

Abby. I think about her a lot. I think about her clothes and what she needs.

The old model red Volvo that a professor in my building drives. It is perhaps the coolest car second only to Mini Coopers. It has eeny teeny windshield wipers attached to its headlights. So rockin' cool. And I can't trump the tiny headlight wipers, so...that' it.


sarahesperanza said...

Oh I do love you. Funny, our dream houses are almost identical. My brother/sister-in-law are looking at houses in chicago... I'm vicariously designing my dream house into their purchase so I can use their guest room frequently, look around, pretend it's all mine, and sigh.

Have I told you lately that I am SO EXCITED that the time is approaching that I get to meet Abby? Cause I am. I'm imagining running towards her is a sunny field. Except it will be December. And she'll be at that stage where she hates me. Ah well.

sarahesperanza said...

oh, by the way, get the swine flu vaccine. even if your BSU doesn't make to graduate.