Thursday, March 18, 2010

the 4th time is charm, or me and my weird hair

I love my haircuts insofar as I love the massage I get during the shampoo, and I always love the way my hair looks when I leave.

I dislike haircuts insofar as I kind of really don't enjoy small talk chatter.

I've been trying to get my hair cut short for about a year now, which translates to about 3 haircuts. By the way...who goes and pays $27 every three weeks just to get their hair trimmed? What kind of racket are these people running??? Finally finally finally, I figured out through a process of miming and pictures a way to communicate how I *really* wanted my hair to look rather than the same basic cut that it always gets trimmed into. In that space of time, I also performed about three test drives on various stylists. This is rather against my liking due to my aforementioned dislike of small talk chatter. The things I put up with in the name of fashion, or rather, in search for a super-duper-easy-yet-still-looks-decent hair style. Color me happy tonight--I'm happy with how it looks. Granted, we'll see after I take a shower tomorrow morning.

But here's the true nut of the post: my weird hair. Apparently, my hair has some funky texture/appearance that never seems to fail to throw a new stylist for a loop. I first learned of my bizarro hair when I was in my mid-teens in a Great Clips, and ever since, I've heard about it again and again. And again. And yet again. This kind of especially becomes a titch monotonous when I seem to switch stylists as often as I change my mind, which is all of the time.

I admit that this post organically developed in my mind as I'm laying in the awkward head-in-the-uncomfortable-hair-washing-sink while THREE stylists hovered around me, picking at strands of my hair, flipping it hither and yon, gawking at my weirdness. A stylist of yore, one who I rather miss dearly for she was one of the better small talk chatterers, actually saved a hunk of my shorn locks at the end of my cut-n-style to perform a little science experiment on it to see what would happen if it was colored. I admit, I've never colored my hair because a) that costs money and b) I don't want to work at keeping it looking okay. After tonight's stylist of choice pondered again what color may do to my strangeness, I mentally decided nope, not going to do it. If multiple stylists have no idea what's going to happen to my hair, I think that might be a sign from the credit card gods. Not going to spend money on this thatch of blah. We'll just keep our weird to ourselves, thanks.

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