Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Things I've never thought about before but find myself thinking about now

I seem to be on a "Things that..." theme. Here goes today's installation.

In hindsight, I realize that when we found out that Abby was on the way and then all throughout that 9 month adventure, I/we never talked much about anything beyond the first few months of Abby's life. We talked ad naseum about me staying home, me going back to work, babysitting, a "family" car, and saving for college. That's it. Now, I find myself walking through a store or watching something on tv and realizing all sorts of weird and interesting things. Someday, Abby is going to:

*ride a bike. We can go on family bike rides.
*go to school and be around all sorts of kids that I don't really want my child learning things from. This creates quite a bit of snobbish confusion for me. I was reminded of this again in the middle of 6th period today and was just sitting and watching my students for a few minutes.
*go to school where I won't know the teachers and where it won't be the same building as I teach in.
*eat birthday cake.
*build sand castles.
*go swimming at my parents' lake.
*blow bubbles.
*have friends over to spend the night and spend the night at friends' houses.
*lie. To me.
*eat dinner with Ben and me.
*run to the door to hug me when I get home from work.
*drink coffee.
*play dress up.
*go to the dentist.
*lose teeth. We've really been working hard for these to come in; it's a shame that they are only temporary.
*bake with me in the kitchen.
*go on vacation with us.
*pick out her own clothes to wear.
*do her homework at night. Admittedly, I really am not looking forward to helping her with her homework.
*pet our cats without pulling their fur. They will fall asleep together on the couch and I'll take a picture of them and put it on my desk.
*have her own cell phone. Maybe. When she's 32.
*graduate. From high school...from college...?
*tell me that she's bored in the middle of summer.
*go to the zoo.
*plant flowers with me.

She's going to continue getting cooler and cooler. I think that I'll keep her. She's such a fun little person. Here's a picture that makes me smile (and sigh at the same time).

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