Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How embrassing

I'm the odd one out amongst my siblings, who are both guys' guys, up to date on all things modern, all-American beer & pizza as they come.  Fancy words they are not.  I chose sushi for my birthday dinner; if they knew, I would get made fun of.  I'd rather use money given to me as a gift for something like chocolate or ice cream; if they knew, I'd get made fun of.  I vote differently pretty regularly than they do; if they knew, I'd get made fun of.  In other words, I get made fun of a lot, at least that's the way it seems to me.  And to be totally fair, it's pretty universal through my family.  Ben and I generally have a different mindset and focus than others.  They're just generally nice to Ben and don't skewer him for it. 

This time, however, I downright deserved it.  I have a certain personality rather assigned to me, mostly by my siblings & dad: the stickler-English-teacher-bookworm-nerdy-nerd persona.  This means that anything written has to be double & triple checked for mistakes otherwise, let the lambasting begin.  It's a good thing I did that when I created Christmas cards online this year and mailed them without actually seeing them in person first.  It would definitely be a bad thing if there were glaring errors in them. 

How embrassing.  Next year, I knoew that I'll be more careful.  Blergh. 

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