Monday, January 21, 2013

The Wasteland

This past weekend, I was able to get together with a sweet, college friend, and it was lovely!  But it also made me realize how isolated I currently am from what I dearly love.  Specifically,

I miss learning in community. 

I miss talking about English and English-y things. 

I miss reading heavy books, and I miss the presence of such tomes scattered around my house. 

I miss people who know the difference between D. H. Lawrence and e e cummings.

I miss phrases like "What can we infer about the character on page 68?" "Ecriture feminine is inherently non-linear," and "This validates the argument..."

I miss referring to a book as a "text."

I miss debating about whether a text should or should not be considered part of the canon.  

I miss telling other people about what I'm working on or reading and watching their eyes react to what I'm saying.

I miss talking about my research.

I miss sifting through databases.

I miss having Ben proof my writing only for him to say "I don't understand what you're talking about, but it seems like you know what you're saying."

I miss the thrill moments when I feel something percolating into a coherent idea.

I miss being in dialogue with friends who use intelligent, interesting, varying language.

Despite all of the arduous work that goes into formal education, I rather miss it.   

(Props to anyone who caught my literature reference in all of this blather!)

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